TS500 1800


Transfer kağıdına baskı yapan dünyanın en hızlı transfer baskı makinesi olan TS500, saatte 150m2 hızı ile uzun metraj baskılar için geliştirilmiş bir üretim makinesidir.

Genel Özellikler

  • 150m2/saat baskı hızı
  • Mimaki degassing modülü(hava kabarcığı giderme)
  • Dayanıklı kâğıt besleme ve açma sistemi
  • Baskı esnasında boya dolumu yapabilme özelliği
  • Otomatik kağıt kalınlığı saptama
  • Boya buharı temizleme filtresi ile baskı netliği arttırma

TS500-1800: The World’s Fastest Printer for Transfer Paper


The Mimaki TS500-1800 prints with an unrivalled speed of 150 m2/h on sublimation paper like no other machines on the market. Targeted at the textile market, the machine is especially suitable for production of sportswear and soft signage, both of which are seeing growth in run lengths appropriate for digital printing.

TS500-1800 delivers •••

  • Unrivalled printing speed of up to 150m2/h on transfer paper
  • Mimaki Degassing Module to prevent nozzle blockage
  • Mist removal filter enhances print stability
  • Large roll media loading
  • Stable media feeding and take-up
  • Brilliant, fast-drying dye sublimation ink



Mimaki Degassing Module: MDM-20

Mimaki degassing module “MDM-20” eliminates the gases or bubbles inside the ink. This means nozzle blockage is lessened and the accuracy of ink dot placement is improved. In addition, this module enables the printer to use un-degassed bottled inks instead of conventional degassed ink packs, thereby reducing ink costs.

Setting Roll-up media up to 60kg

Roll-up media of up to 60kg and 300mm in diameter can be used. There is no need to frequently change the media, meaning large orders can be handled smoothly and without interruption due to continuous printing.

Mist removal filter

The mist removal filter prevents troubles caused by ink mists and enhances the stability of print operations by suctioning the mist inside the printer and discharging it.

sb53 mimaki ink

New sublimation ink “Sb300”

The sublimation ink “Sb300” will be simultaneously released with “TS500-1800”. The “Sb300” ink offers a more affordable price than conventional ink. Furthermore, this ink produces brilliant color and dries fast.


Auto Media Feeder (AMF)

Mimaki’s unique “AMF”-system provides stable media feeding and take-up. Because of this, there is no need to constantly monitor the printer.